Here's a little bit about me.

For those of you who are here, because, you have seen Annie in the past, You will not be disappointed.  For those that are new to Annie, Welcome.

I'm your host, Annie.  I'm currently living in Allegan Michigan.  I've always thought I was 5'11, that is, until my boyfriend, Blair, proved to me that I am really just 5'9.  I am between 29 and 45 years of age and my weight is dependent upon who I am telling it to.  My eyes are hazel and my hair is whatever color I find attractive that week.  I have a tendency to stay within the reds, but as you will see, in some of the coming pictures and pages, I have a very spirited sense of adventure.

NASCAR, photography,  sex and golf (NPSG) are a few of the things I enjoy most. They are in no particular order, but somewhere in my day, at least one or more of those will be included.  Its like the apple a day thingy, NPSG, they do a body good.

When I was young...

From the time I was 8 years old, I knew I was different. I didn't know why or what was different, just that I was.

I  found out just what was different about me when I was 14.  A very sexy MtF transexual, Shelly, convinced me to try on some of her cloths and to let her do my makeup, nails etc. That was when I discovered what had been troubling me.  Missy Ann was standing in the mirror with a beautiful big smile. Shelly taught me how to walk in heels that night, doing laps around the inside of her house.  Every few laps, she would stop me and we would put on another outfit.  We practiced sitting, speaking, walking thru most of the night. My feet have never been so sore.
The next afternoon was spent at her house getting me dolled up to go meet the world.  I was just 14 but when she was finished, I was one hot looking 21 year old.  Shelly was 26 and  was familiar with some of the areas T friendly clubs and was a well known regular at all of them. She says to me, "I'm gonna take your cute,  little virgin ass out to meet the boys."   Off for my first night as Missy Ann.  We were in and out of a few clubs during that night and my t-gurls virginity was lost before midnight.

I was introduced to gurlhood, rather fast and very well.

Thru the rest of high school up until I joined the Army in 1981, when I went out for fun, it was always as Missy Ann. 

Knowing that I wanted kids, and also knowing that the Government would not allow that, I got married and in the end, I have 3 wonderful boys that I cherish  No wife, she moved on.  Not because of Missy Ann, but because she needed to move on.

After 7 years of the Army, I was honorably discharged.  I returned to Europe and worked there for another 6 years and opened 17 Dominoes Pizza shops.  My kids still wish we were there, but the work I was doing was wrapping up and back to the States we came. 

The boys all live with me, I only disclosed Missy to the younger boys when they were 15.  Its been over a year and a half now and they have adapted and understand very well.  My oldest son, 22, has know since he was about 10. 

Now, on to Annie

I'm going to open this site with a bit of Annies story.  (The guys are looking for picture links now)  This story would not be possible for me, if it were not for meeting Blair.  Who is Blair?  Blair is the guy that I met on Dec 15th of 2006.  He is also the man that let Annie finally evolve into the girl I was always meant to be.   

We talked on the web for a long time before ever meeting.  We talked on the phone several times also.  I think that the way I presented my pictures was of concern to him.

The night was finally here.  I am in my bedroom getting everything ready, perfect, so as to give the best first possible impression.  I am watching the clock, checking the mirror, making sure every detail has been covered, when my sons (twin boys, age 14) come thru the back door, bringing 5 to 7 of their best friends with them.  Well, theres a small glitch in this, the Annies going out with Blair for the first time plan. A bit of insight here, my eldest son, 20 years of age at this time, is gone to work.  He has known of Annie for several years.  The twins, they have known of Annie for only a couple years.  Their friends, however, have no idea about Annie, and my sons would prefer that it stay that way...

OKAY.  I am in a massive panic... I have spent over 2 hours preparing myself for this night, the kids are gone till 8, Blairs picking me up at 730, he's gonna pull up in less than 10 minutes.  The kids have just walked in with a bunch of friends, over 40 minutes early.   OKAY.  Panic #2.  I can't just hide from my kids, because they know I am home.  I can't just pop thru the door as Annie, in front of my kids friends, creating all kinds of social issues, I won't jump out the window  (scared of heights) .  Like all kids, when the hit the door, they are hungry, I hear from the kitchen, Dad, will you fix us something to eat.  I'm standing in 3 inch black heels, a super short mini skirt, blood red silk top, the red wig in the picture below, makeup is perfect... nails are spectacular... matching the red top.  What to do now?   I've spent hours getting ready, waited for several weeks to meet him... I'm thinking, Blair will not know who I am, if I go out to meet him as Randy, my kids will never forgive me, if I go out to the kitchen and cook them something to eat, as Annie.  Have you ever been in that split second decision that drags on and on and on, seems like forever?  This was one of those.

I stripped the clothing, stuffed wig, clothes, shoes and all, into a bag. Sprinted thru the shower, passing the dresser for a pair of jeans and a T shirt.  I hit the kitchen looking like road kill, fix the boys a few quick sandwiches, and they are off to their rooms.  As I turn towards the hallway to my bedroom, Blair's horn blows. OMG.  He is expecting Annie.  I look like a train wreck, looking for a place to happen.  I have already called him, since the kids got home  trying to delay his arrival. I've put Blair on a telephone virtual tour of my town, trying to find enough time to get repaired from the wreck.  He's parked out beside the house, waiting, and waiting,  I finally get up the nerve to go out to his truck, I explain whats going on inside, and why I look as I do.  I tell him, I am the girl you see in the pictures, I can make her appear on the trip to Chicago. I run back inside, kiss the boys good by, grab my bags, and off we go...  On our way to Chicago.

I am dressed in blu jeans and a tee shirt. Blairs in dress pants and dress shirt.  I grab a short skirt, sexy top n heels, makeup bag.  This is the first time I have met Blair in person... We are talking and laughing as I do my makeup, in the front of his bouncing truck, going down the interstate, in a dimly lit 3 x 6 inch visor mirror...  Blair is watching my every move as I go thru the make up motions.  I threw on the wig that was in my pictures, teased it a bit, turn to him and said Hello.  I'm Annie  He smiled ...  I had gone from the paniced person he picked up an hour ago, to the cute sexy girl he had been talking to for so long, all while he was driving us towards Lakeshore Drive.  Make up is done, now its time to change clothes. I do a strip tease while we are going down the interstate.  Putting on a super short tight skirt, sheer top, black thi highs and sexy black heels.  Finally complete.  I tell Blair that I am looking for the one special man that will be with me from the beginning of transformation and be with me for life.  That man, who ever he is, will be building a tgirl of his own.  I say that its just like building a home.  You have to start at the foundation and work your way thru to the finished product. He's not sure how to take this, but anyways, we are off on a 3 day long first date in Chicago.

Blairs pulls off Lakeshore drive, winds around and gets into a line of slowly moving cars.  We finally make it under a big canopy and a guy comes to his window, thay talk for a moment, then Blair gets out and about 4 guys open my door, take my hand, help me outof the truck and hustle me right thru the doors and to where Blair is , at the front desk of the W Lakeshore Hotel.  Hundreds of people, and I am nervous and scared to death.  Blair can see that I am upset and nervous, he takes my hand, holds it tightly, and walks me to the elevator.  With each passing moment, Blair is telling me that everything is fine and to just be myself. 

From that moment at the front desk, Blair has been building my self confidence, esteem and faith in myself. 

After refreshing in the hotel room, we are off for a night in Chi town.  In true fashion, Annie is running behind.  We take a cab over to the Baton Show Lounge, to catch the last show for the night.  A very entertaining cabaret show that I would suggest for you to catch the next time you are in Chicago.

After the show, we head back to the hotel, W on Lakeshore, a couple of drinks and some food from the hotels room service.  Then lots of fun sex and off to sleep.

The morning arrives around noon....As it should.  Showers n such and off to breakfast we go.  Breakfast out of the way, Blair treats me to an all afternoon makeover treatment at Racheals Salon.  I am pampered and treated so well.  Every time I visit Chicago, I can be found at Racheals.

After the entire day at Racheals, we go for dinner.  A small place just up the road.  A quick bite, then back to the hotel.  A couple of drinks then Blair says, Get ready, we are going to see the Blue Man Group.  Hot Damn......This is gonna be fun.  Oh shit....What to wear?  You can imagine how this is gonna go.  We'll skip the 'does this look right' and such and get to the show.

That same gaggle of guys, when we catch the cab to the show, they seem to have a different hue as we leave.  I was amazed.

The show was a blast.  Blair was an absolute gentleman.  After the show, its 2 am, the streets are still busseling with folks, the streets are packed.  Its going on 3 am, do these folks ever sleep?

Catch a cab back to the hotel, the doors are opened wide, and up to the room we go.




Now its noon.

I have promised my sons I will be back Sunday afternoon, so we pack up, call for the truck and off to Michigan we go.

Realize that I left Michigan as Randy, I must return as Randy, however, I must leave Chicago as Annie.   So hot heels, short skirt, sheer top, we depart the W.  We stop for food and drinks along the way.  Both prolly wondering what the fuck we have gotten ourselves into.

About 30 minutes from being home, I tell Blair he has to find a place to pull over where I can change my clothes, remove make up and this fantasy is over.  He finds a place that we can stop and get a cold drink and I ask him to just pull into the parking lot and pick a place, I'll change there.  He did.

Just as the night he picked Randy up, i changed back to Randy.  The change was on the outside, the insides never change.

When Blair dropped me off that night,  I sat and cried for almost 2 hours, then he called me. 

This had been an intensive 3 days of my life.  An awakening,  for myself, for Blair, for my three children, for my parents, my friends, for my new friends, for most of all, my ability to be who I AM.

Theres a lot more to come.

Beginning with the "BUILD YOUR OWN GIRL"  statement, I think that I caught Blair, in an unaware circumstance.

I knew what I was intended to be, he knew the kind of girl he was seeking, if ya both know what ya want, why not do this together.  I proposed this idea to him before we ever made it into Chicago.  I knew what I wanted to accomplish, I wasn't sure if he would be on board with doing this or if he would just figure, I was a guy doing this for the sexual thrill.

When I stripped my clothing, in the parking lot, on my way home, for everyone to see, I think he was convinced that the girl inside me was coming out.

FOOTNOTE:  Today, August 3rd, 2008-----   Somewhere on the Chicago skyway, Blair told me that, he never thought anyone could be so femm, before going through the hormones and the shrinks, as I was on the first weekend we meet.

FOOTNOTE 2:  I have meet with Debra L.Wilke, a wonderful lady with compasion and insight.

That weekend ended with an understanding, an understanding that, if you build it together you will make everyone wonder.

I am not sure, what Blair took home from the moment he dropped me off, but, I think what I said to him, Build Your Own, has prolly stuck with him.